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Bayou State Crown & Bridge Lab, Inc offers many personalized services including:

  • Case by Case Review Dialogue
  • Diagnostic Wax-Up
  • Custom Shades
  • Customized Bleaching Trays
  • Custom Dentist Preference

Bayou State Crown & Bridge Lab, Inc. offers an array of services that is sure to meet your professional dental lab needs.  We offer the following core products:

  • PFMs with your choice of Base, Noble or High Noble Metal
  • Cast Crowns and Custom Survey Crowns
  • Zirconia Supported Crowns and Bridges
  • Extensive Implant Services Including Atlantis Abutments

Through these core products we feature brands that are known and trusted throughout the dental industry for their quality and reliability. Following are details of our featured brands

IPS e.max was designed with simplicity and versatility in mind. It allows you to select the most appropriate material - either high strength zirconium oxide or high strength glass ceramic - and the ideal fabrication technique for the case you are completing.  Press and CAD/CAM techniques are both available allowing optimization of both strength and fit while balancing esthetics at the same time.  Working together, the dentist and the laboratory can work together using e.max to restore even the most challenging cases. Writing just one prescription for e.max allows confidence that you will be providing your patients with optimized esthetics and strength.  Visit the IPS e.max website.

Atlantis brings simplicity and esthetics to the clinic through patient-specific abutments for all major implant systems.  Atlantis is the best solution for cement-retained implant prosthetics. Abutments are available for all major systems such as Zimmer, Nobel Biocare, Straumann, Astra Tech, Bio Horizons, Bio Met 3i and Keystone Dental (Call to inquire about other systems since Atlantis often updates and adds additional systems).  Atlantis is the leading CAD/CAM solution for patient specific, cement retained abutments. Utiilizing the unique Atlantis VAD (Virtual Abutment Design) software, the abutments are individually designed from the final tooth shape. This patented process provides unlimited possibilities and patient-specific solutions for single, multiple and full arch units. Using Atlantis results in an abutment that provides outstanding function and esthetics.  Visit the Atlantis website.

IPS d.SIGN is a high quality fluorpatite-leucite glass ceramic, a material which has been successfully used in dentistry for many years.  High quality d.SIGN crowns will restore even severely damaged teeth. Crowns and bridges  made of this material successfully blend into the surrounding natural dentition.  All d.SIGN products are highly esthetic. IPS d.SIGN has a comprehensive restoration system that fulfills the needs of your patients with veneering ceramics, a range of matching alloys, and Vivaglass CEM cementation. d.SIGN also features a wide range of lifelike shades with natural flourescence and opalescence that yield exceptional polishing results.  Visit the IPS d.SIGN website.

Tiger Crown is our economical crown which is available in base, noble and high noble metal. Tiger Crowns can be PFM (Porcelain Fused to Metal) or Cast. Tiger Crown is a great option for more economical patients. All crowns must pass our rigid inspection by a certified dental technician before you receive the product. We combine quality and consistency with perfection at an amazingly low cost. Turnaround time on Tiger Crowns is approximately 11 days.  Tiger Crowns include a one year warranty and free shipping.  Call our office at 225.927.8917 or 1.800.320.0230 for more information.

Bayou State Crown & Bridge Lab offers the following Zirconia Framework products:

Cercon Zirconia's excellent metal-free esthetics begin with the Cercon Zirconia framework. This material provides a translucency that exceeds PFM restorations and creates a vitality similar to natural teeth. Cercon is available in neutral white or shaded zirconia which enables selection of the best option to match the prescribed restoration shade. Cercon Zirconia is a highly stable oxide ceramic which has proven strong and reliable in dental applications. Visit the Cercon Zirconia website.

 The All-Zi-Gator Crown is a strong, yet beautiful, full contour crown or bridge. An esthetic alernative to full metal crown restorations, the All-Zi-Gator is a monolithic structure exhibting exceptional strength with resistance to chipping or fracturing. The All-Zi-Gator is designed and milled with exceptional precision to create a full contour restoration- delivering a natural esthetic result. The esthetics of this restoration are truly exceptional making it nearly indistinguishable from natural dentition.




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